water walking

we had left leh one week earlier and slowly come through to final leg of our journey in srinagar. after a long day of riding from sonamarg, we were tired and grimy and sulky. and just as the sun was doing its setting we walked into nagin lake and onto our beautiful beautiful house boat, it was truly magical.

it was a huge thing our houseboat meant for four but it was off_season so we had the whole thing for ourselves! it had two huge ornately done up bedrooms, sweet smelling bathrooms with bathtubs!, a nice dining cum living space and a lovely porch overlooking the water. all were lovingly lit up with the light hitting the lake and all the various coloured plants and flowers oveflowing on the banks and sweet sounding with the geese in the lake. houseboats were initially conceptualised by the british and their crazy detailed embellishments were still carried forward even into houseboats being constructed today! unlike the average kerala houseboat, these houseboats are usually anchored to the edges of the lake. and they are much much more regal, we totally and completely spoilt…

for the next 3 days, we ruled over the water. the food aboard was super, our host played the harmonium [harmoniously] as we slurped. he was the quite the rock_star with lots and lots of stories about srinagar, all we had to do was buy the beer. unbelievably good it was!

our shikara dude, a bit gloomy sometimes about his poverty/future prospects but overall nice and helpful took us for many shikara rides. through the old city [which was pretty but stinky/dirty], via dal lake [which was crowded and awful], and through the various tourist points like carpet makers, honey makers [which were a bit of a rip off, i thought]. all in all it made us feel super lucky to be staying in nagin lake which was the prettiest, quietest part of the city.

houseboat sweet houseboat.

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