sometime in 2007, one of diti ‘s friends, david got his friend from vapi to my place to get tattoed. the tattoo artist mahyar had a giant flunkee jules. jules was also a photographer and we talked at length about photography and roadtrips and india and drugs and god. he ended up moving his stuff to my place and staying for a few days.

its always interesting to get a traveller to your city, it allows you to get some sort of idea about who you are and what you believe in. and most importantly it forces you to get out in your city to show them around, instead of lying around in your pyjamas. i love going to new new places in the city, places just 25 minutes away that you’ve passed a thousand times but never stopped and stared.

so this is jules [veg burger eating] and diti [who got me into this 6th photograph in the 6th folder mess. muah.] at samovar. samovar has since closed and taken the beer and cutlets and wall fans and beautiful light with her. i miss it all.

so the rules of 6th photograph in 6th folder:
1.pick the 6th picture from your 6th photo folder.
2.tell the story around it.
3.pass it onto 6 other people you like.

And these are my 6 people:
tanushri from making one of the other and the other of one,
sunil from white picket fence songs,
najeshda from desi tasting notes,
selwyn from dead man’s grave,
jordan from what does it feel to be a human being?,
bza from fuck you,penguin

3 responses to “truestory.”

  1. dramaqueen Says:

    but but samovar is still open!

  2. slew Says:

    it is?! o wow!

  3. Najeshda Deshpande Says:

    yes it is.I went for lunch there last month. I actually teared up at the thought!Nice story though :)We were once asked to share a table with a french couple at samovar that also looked like your friend. It’s a funny place that.

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