spillow : mumbai to auroville

on the first night stop of our trip, the brightest loveliest thing in our room was the pillow cover.
pushed me to photograph it and so began the ritual of clicking the pillows every morning before we hit the road.

suraj garden restaurant & lodge, sangumeshwar, maharashtra

nashville, socorro, goa

perpetual general stores & lodge, agonda, goa

ratna hotel, honawar, karnataka

bombay hotel, payyanur, kerala

lakshmi apartments lodge, palakkad, kerala

spring valley hotel, kodaikanal, tamil nadu

tourist cottages, palani, tamil nadu

sangam lodge, kumbakonam, tamil nadu

apollo lodge, chidabaram, tamil nadu

forecomers, auroville, tamil nadu

go check out diti’s lodgings! series of the same trip…

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5 responses to “spillow : mumbai to auroville”

  1. jo Says:

    a very interesting perspective at looking at travel!
    i <3

  2. diti Says:

    don’t be a smartie.
    just because i forgot spring valley.

  3. Jaya Says:

    ha ha. copy cats.

  4. Mumbai Paused Says:

    This along with the one on ‘yesterday was…’ Brilliant.

  5. Sai Says:

    yup…its the halts that make traveling fun…nice expression!!

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