science and technology week

consumer research shows that people find polishing their shoes; a chore. its right there at the bottom with ironing.

you and i both know that we’ve tried everything to make robots iron our clothes : we’ve added zing and fun and even some punch. we’ve tried changing the shape, offering warmer colourtones, got them smelling of jasmine. but nothing seemed to work.

ex-bluegrass singer now science entusiast; lloyd, put two and two together the other night. he put bright and cheery smilies on his ironing board. i know i know i know its strange, i guess you are all thinking ‘what an arse that lloyd!’ but believe it or not, the next morning lloyd woke up to find all his clothes (bandanas also) in a neat ironed pile. and all his household appliances all sitting crosslegged around the ironing board with pursed lips.

since then sales of bright and cheery smilies has soared. people are done with questioning its sources. child labour or not people just don’t care anymore. if all goes well, ironing your clothes will soon be a thing of the past. ironing boards, the new toasters.

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