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13 responses to “naach.”

  1. Zulu Says:

    Okay, this one I sort of get, but where the fuck does Ronald Reagan fit in?

  2. Zulu Says:

    And when did you start smoking hash?

  3. slew Says:

    this week in 1986, reagan obtained an overhaul of the income tax code, which eliminated many deductions and exempted millions of people with low incomes. at the end of his administration, the us was enjoying its longest recorded period of peacetime prosperity without recession or depression. wow! nice.

  4. Zulu Says:

    And that fits in how? And what about the hash?

  5. scratchpost Says:

    the man, sitting under the tin shade, stuck his head inside a bag and pulled out a pudi. we got the first feel of what a neatly made pillow pack of hash is really like…

  6. slew Says:

    this tinshade_man talked about hollywood, decribed the oval office from the inside and still referred to russians as commies. it was only when he mentioned the 1986 incident with crystal_clear detail, that we suspected him being the ghost of ronald reagan. boo!

  7. scratchpost Says:

    my super_lame comrade.
    he wasn’t talking ’bout regan.
    he was narratin’ the stooorie ’bout ‘ow he ‘ost his leggg or was it lue egg??

  8. Zulu Says:

    Oh, I get it. Inside joke. Fuck the both of you!

  9. scratchpost Says:

    would you go to a restaurant named Innside Joke?

  10. slew Says:

    would they have busty waitresses?

  11. Zulu Says:

    I would probably go to a restaurant named Innside Joke, especially if they had busty waitresses, but I would <>not<> go with either of you two. Insolent fuckers!

  12. scratchpost Says:

    insolent indolent fuckers

  13. trepannated Says:

    hippies, trannies, incest, orgies
    george bush, church, american histories
    morals, soaps, lather and shave
    blood, deed and train to fame

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