glorious is not the right word

there’s something glorious about switching the lights off, sitting (not sleeping) and listening to music really loud. jim morrison did that. the guy from flashdance also.

i think i’ll be doing it for a week more, atleast.
till she gets back.

6 responses to “glorious is not the right word”

  1. Zulu Says:

    I don’t remember the guy from Flashdance doing that.

  2. slew Says:

    its common knowledge. i witnessed it first_hand.

  3. Zulu Says:

    I think you must be mistaken.

  4. slew Says:

    i doubt it. i’m extremely good with faces. photographic memory, they call it. he was there in the corner somewhere, just sitting not sleeping. and everybody was like ‘sleep man! you must be tired after all that flashdancing.’ but he just sat there. photographic memory, wow!

  5. Zulu Says:

    I’ve seen Flashdance at least a hundred times. It is a terrible movie. Absurdly lacking both character and plot depth, it is an insult to welders and flashdancers alike. I am positive you are mistaken, photographic memory be damned.

  6. slew Says:

    a hundred times?! i make it a point to watch at least half an hour of flashdance every single day. it just helps me calm down, detoxify.its more than a movie (lights+camera+action), its detoxification to a whole new level.

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