dahi not diesel.

we zigzag, jumping signals, bullying smaller shits, disrupting dangerously.
we’re obviously┬ánot going to stop for you mr policeman.

our drums beat harder, whistles get louder. some of them beauties blush but most shy away.
either way, they are all miles behind by now. not meant to be.

our trophies are there for all to see. our middle fingers ready to signal at other trucks.
its more fun this way.

together we eat and smoke. curse and laugh.
together we effortlessly duck below oncoming tree branches.

we are loud and rowdy.
tomorrow onwards, we will behave.

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  1. scratchpost Says:

    lovely nash lovely

  2. dahi handi | Photography Maniacs Says:

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  3. Krunal Says:

    lovely pics

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