christmas day

the plan was to saunter down the coast and reach goa by the new year. unfortunately day one began with us realising that half of mumbai [willing to risk offending christ] had decided to also leave mumbai on christmas day. they were all headed to alibaug [poor alibaug], the traffic was absurd, the worst we’ve seen in a long time.

we finally reached mangaon at 7pm and decide to try to reach our beloved harnai. however after sunset, the wind gets bitterly cold really quick and everywhere we stop for accommodation seems to be full up. we get nothing right till dapoli, where a local there makes some place in his sweet small home for us to spend the night. dead tired and shit cold, we sleep quickly.

next morning, we feel our fingers again as they hold onto the hot chai glasses. eager to forget last night, we head south quickly…

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