bandra boy.

illustrated the cover for celebrate bandra’s souvenir book featuring articles by some lovely people.
this year’s theme is ‘diversity’. check out the festival this entire week, in around bandra!

8 responses to “bandra boy.”

  1. rita raja Says:

    such talent………..kudos!!!!!!!

  2. Sagar Palekar Says:

    too good!!!

  3. Neha Says:

    colourful, vibrant, & full of emotions awesome :)

  4. Nikhil Says:

    nice tits on the ladies…

  5. monisha Says:

    what fun!:) loved the colours, the chaos and the super cool fonts!!

  6. Muzaffar Says:

    Nice one…!!!

  7. Jaya Ramchandani Says:


  8. Nishant Says:

    Who is the artist? Planning to make a small docu on Bandra. Trying to get as much dope as possible. Plz get in touch on this mail ID. Cheers

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