4 year itch

completed 4 years in bcwebwise yesterday.

its been super_fun for the most part.
but now i think, a change is in order.

do spread the word…

3 responses to “4 year itch”

  1. scratchpost Says:

    dear goldilocks,it’s been four years already?the not so tirelessly engaging trip must end eh?off the playing ground, down the man hole.i wish you the very best in your endevours.best,kermit

  2. scratchpost Says:

    endevours -> endeavors~kermit_the_editor

  3. slew Says:

    hi kermit,i think 4 years have passed just as 4 years should. [not too quick or too slow.]you wishes are much appreciated. i’ll probably drink myself silly.ba,goldilocks.

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