now that i think of it, i’m really not melodramatic. (rishi is melodramatic)

i’m melodramatic sometimes, in my head. but that doesn’t count.

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  1. scratchpost Says:

    Case Study
    Where the rainwater came in first

    In decision #537, the facts were that the rainwater entered the house first and was followed by a surge of floodwater.

    The Panel decided that:

    The insurance company had to pay for the damage caused by the rainwater

    The insurance company could refuse to pay for any damage caused solely by the increase in the water level in the house after the initial rainwater by floodwater

    If it is not known which damage was caused by the floodwater or rainwater then the insurance company should pay for the whole amount of the loss. This is important as it may be difficult to determine which part of the damage was done by floodwater after repairs have been made.

  2. Zulu Says:

    You’re not only melodramatic, at times you are obnoxiously melodramatic. On rare occasions you are charmingly melodramatic. A few times I can recall you being even soothingly melodramatic, but I cannot recall a time when you have <>not<>, in some small way, been melodramatic. It is simply your nature.

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